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ERISA (Employment Retirement Income Security Act) involves insurance claims when the insurance is through employment.  ERISA is a complex area of law which most attorneys do not handle.  At the Gadsden law firm of Allenstein & Allenstein, we represent individuals who have concerns involving ERISA claims.  We can help you get the benefits you deserve or answer any questions you may have about this complex area of law.  Please see our blog for recent developments in ERISA cases.

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The Employment Retirement Income Security Act applies to people who receive or received insurance through employment.  In order to receive proper benefits through ERISA, you must exhaust your administrative remedies.  It is a difficult process to go through on your own, as one misstep could result in loss of benefits or cause a serious delay that you cannot afford.

These cases are not common and most lawyers are not familiar with all the aspects of these rules or the steps involved in the process.  Attorney Myron Allenstein has been handling these cases for over twenty years.  He knows what can be done to secure your benefits.

Every disability ERISA claim starts with building a file based on evidence and medical records.  You must submit all pertinent medical information from your physician, including a declaration of disability.  You must be able to establish your disability in the claim file in order to be successful at trial.

Whether you have purchased ERISA insurance on your own or you have received it as part of a work benefit, you should receive the full extent of your benefits.  Our firm handles both short term and long term disability claims as well as medical benefit claims.

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It is only normal to have questions regarding the ERISA process.  We will answer your questions and help you understand your options.  Our Gadsden law firm is located one block from the Etowah County Courthouse and Spanish translation services are available.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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